Because the world is ready to be connected.


Our vision

Our vision

“We started with a simple observation: 4 billion people remain unconnected, even though we see more and more smartphones. It doesn't have to be that way.”

- Albert Szulman, CEO of Be-Bound.

Connecting the Next 4 Billion people is possible

We are committed to bringing The Next 4 Billion (N4B) online by providing mobile Internet services anywhere there is a working phone signal. Our creative French tech team has developed a simple, ready to use technology for developers and content providers worldwide to accelerate the transformation to a world where everyone can be and stay connected.

Our solution works now, and requires no infrastructure investment because we strongly believe in the frugal innovation philosophy: make more out of what is already available. In our case, we are innovating with the existing networks and infrastructure.

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Our technology

Our technology

Be-Bound Tech addresses low or no-data connectivity issues. It is the first solution that allows users to stay connected anywhere there is a working phone signal. We use the SMS network as an alternative transport layer to bring users a true app experience when there is no internet network and reach even the most remote regions. By providing solutions working on any network, Be-Bound has the widest geographic reach available. This technology dramatically increases mobile Internet coverage and its accessibility, bringing services to the largest audience possible.

How is our technology going to connect the Next 4 Billion?

Be-Bound Tech is available on the N4B Platform to mobile app developers who want to reach wider populations. Developers from anywhere in the world are now be able to provide genuine apps to the 4 Billion unconnected, and create connected devices, that work almost anywhere. Be-Bound Tech enables developers to provide local, relevant content to populations that were previously unreachable, and to create a new digital ecosystem for the world..

The Be-Bound solution requires no infrastructure investment. We calibrate the connection between the networks and our cloud to ensure a constant connection and positive user experience, regardless of the network.


Our technology makes devices traffic efficient and able to navigate all networks. With Be-Bound, apps and connected devices automatically select the best network available depending on quality, resulting in constant connectivity, network optimization and load management.


Our compression algorithm reduces data traffic generated by our apps, making it as light as possible. Even when our Email app is working with 3G/4G, users consume up to 5x less data than when using standard Emails.


Be-Bound's proprietary algorithms that compress data and automatically select the best transport layer are patented technologies.


Besides apps, Be-Bound Tech is also fully suited to be used in IoT solutions. We provide a package including data processing, encryption, compression and automatic network selection ready to be integrated into any IoT device. With Be-Bound, sensors work in any network environment, from zero-data to WiFi/4G. The sensor data is fully encrypted and incorruptible, enabling the use of our technology in tracking devices, fleet management, connected cars, sensors, etc. In zero-data mode, power consumption is much lower because the 3G mode is not activated.

Be-Bound’s R&D for IoT is located at the Palo Alto Research Center, where we work with some of the world’s top tech experts to constantly develop our IoT service.

Working together

Working together

MNO, Government, Developer or NGO?

Find out how Be-Bound’s far-reaching technology can enhance your mobile app or connected device. Unleash the potential of an untouched digital population!

  • Integrate Be-Bound Tech into your solutions
  • Provide local and relevant content.
  • Build a competitive advantage.
  • Give unconnected users their first genuine app experience.
  • Gain a new loyal customer base.
  • Increase your revenues and fill the gap with a constantly connected solution.

If you can imagine it, Be-Bound Tech can help you build it!