Be-Bound is the new mobile solution to stay connected to the Internet worldwide with your smartphone even with low or no Internet connection.

“We started with a simple observation: everybody has faced connection issues, even in covered areas like the train, the subway, indoor or any other areas with low connectivity.” stated Albert Szulman, CEO of Be-Bound.

To solve this issue, Be-Bound has developed an innovative cloud technology using very low bandwidth that delivers the best user experience even with low connection. When there is no Wi-Fi, Edge or 3G network Be-Bound is using 2G network as transport layer to exchange information between the web and your smartphone, increasing dramatically the internet coverage. The solution works without any infrastructure investment and with any telecom carrier in the world.

To access Be-Bound services, the user only needs to download the free Be- Bound app which includes built-in applications for email, weather report, news, stocks quotes, geolocated services and even Twitter. Using Be-Bound is free when connected to the Internet. As it consumes very low data, Be-Bound will help you saving money on your data plan. When there is no data network available, the service works with SMS and prepaid credits (Be-Miles) at a fraction of the standard roaming costs.

The Be-Bound vision is to allow everyone using a smartphone to stay connected as part of the next mobile revolution.

Through Be-Bound and its unique features, you can : check your e-mails, weather forecast, the latest news, find the nearest points of interest, and a lot more, to stay connected almost anywhere in the world without 3G nor Wifi.


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